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    iRoach 2
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    iRoach is a funny game with superior graphics of cockroaches and other insects. They look and move just like real ones. When you squash them, see them torn into pieces with insides flowing out. The game utilizes iPhone's touch screen interface and brings excellent gaming experience.

    Game update:
    Winter holidays are over, so game graphics is changed to common view.
    - Interface and game graphics without snow
    - Christmas gifts are changed to spray cans
    - Now you upload only 1 best score from your device to the Online scores board

    iRoach is a great game for everybody: both infants and adults find it terrific and addicting. Earn points during game rounds and get to the top of online scores list.

    Happy hunting with iRoach 2!
    02-07-2010 05:15 AM