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    1.A iMSN Pro
    DownLoad URL: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/a-imsn-pro/id353356002?mt=8

    This is an IM application which makes you be able to communicate with your MSN friends on Iphone through API plug-in unit of MSN. Youll have a more colorful life in this net growing period with this IM tool.
    Advantages of Iphone Version MSN: set sound on/off before you login. Immediate, exact and vivid receiving and sending of short message. Unique chatting interface, satisfying your vision needs. Friendly and simple option interface will provide you a quicker and more convenient operation.
    Status: set default login status in login window. You can change your login status freely, status including free, busy, away, off-line.
    Sound notification: open up the sound notification, you will know whether there is a reply, and you wont have to keep an eye on you Iphone all the time.
    Save account: login information will be saved. You wont have to type your account and password every time.
    Add buddies: add buddy and select his or her group, of course you can refuse one's add request.
    Remove Buddy: remove buddy if you want.
    Buddy options: in the buddy list, you can view buddy information by clicking the arrow, you can change a buddy's group, too.
    Send and receive Instant Messaging: vivid chatting interface, icon and text sending and receiving are available.
    Change nickname: you can change your nickname at any time.
    Signature: you can change your signature as you want.
    Save chat logs: with this setting, you can save the chat logs with friend or cancel saving in order to protect your privacy.
    Auto-login: you can set up auto-login mode or cancel it.
    Switch: switching among sessions, you can chat with a lot of buddies at the same time.
    DownLoad URL: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/a-imsn-pro/id353356002?mt=8
    2.AAA Phone GPS Tracker2 Pro
    DownLoad URL: AAA Phone GPS Tracker2 Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    iPhone and iPod touch 2nd Generation Only!
    The Device Requirments "iPhone and iPod touch" is not corroct. Sorry for our mistake!
    This is an awesome application featured from GPS, which can display an amazing tracking result to your friends. They might even mix the spurious to with the genuine.

    Whats new:
    --------- radar icon to mark your friends current location
    --------more beautiful interface
    --------display heads of the list of buddies
    -------added phone number filtering system, the searching of phone number looks real
    ----------improved the animation results of both modern and traditional trackers, tessellated the effects of longitude and dimensionality, added scanning scale. The tracking process looks more reliable and true.
    How does it work:
    Actually, the application can only find your location. Because your friends are with you, its also their current locations. Make sure your friends are with you when you use it.

    Tip: Do make sure your friends are with your when you use it!

    It displays the current location of your friends, not place of residence or other locations.

    -you can enter any cell phone number directly or select existing contacts from your contact lists.
    -the exact location will be marked with radar icon
    -detailed information such as states, countries, areas and even streets of their location will be displayed on the screen during tracking.
    - Transformation among map, satellite, hybrid modes.
    -the tracker can be transferred between modern and traditional animation result.
    DownLoad URL: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aaa-phone-gps-tracker2-pro/id353364671?mt=8
    3.AA+ Gift Of Love(Valentine's Special App)
    DownLoad URL :http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id353366807?mt=8

    Are you looking for a special gift for Valentines Day? Unique, romantic, unforgettable, funny, awesome, magic..One application is enough! Let your lover be pleased beyond his or her expectation! Create romantic and magical atmosphere between you two!
    Do you believe that you can get chocolate, rose and ring out from Iphone? Unbelievable? You can make it! Its love's magic! Let the rose bloom by shaking. Your love will be surprised by the effect!
    Of course this is only for fun, please prepare similar gifts in your hands in advance!
    --awesome effect
    --21 amazing styles
    --varying colors
    --the rose flowers if you shake iphone, behaving just like a real one
    --shake iPhone to change the ring style
    --shake to change the chocolate kind
    --shining ring
    --save the pictures and send your gift by Email
    DownLoad URL :http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id353366807?mt=8
    4.A Magic Face
    DownLoad URL :http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/a-magic-face/id352727799?mt=8

    This is a fun photo application that allows you to face off, making your photo more interesting. Use your creative inspiration to change photos in crazy ways! Amazing result can be achieved by simple and smooth options. Youll feel like using it all the time.
    We offer more than 50 samples, 15 photo frames and 25 bubbles to satisfy your needs.
    You can take photo directly (iphone only) after carry on this application, and then edit it. We offer powerful transfer ways, making you be able to share your works with your friends immediately.
    Album: self-contained album, you can pick out photos directly from album and edit them.
    Photo: you can take photos and edit these photos directly. (iphone only, camera is required)
    Shape: you can select any part of your photo, stretching and pinching it as you want, then cut the selected part.
    Face off: you can copy, move and revolve the cut part.
    Samples: We offer more than 50 samples, including movies, figures, animals, hair styles, famous persons, scenic spots, brides, funny, art and etc.
    You can select a sample, and touch the screen to display and move your photo into the sample.(photo size adjustable)
    Photo frames: 15 photo frames available
    bubbles: 25 different shapes for text bubbles. You can move and enlarge the bubble, adding your notes in the bubble by double-clicking it.
    Save: You can save each option you done on the photo if you like.
    Print: the system can directly print your picture. If your device installed windows, please install our customer-side server. With the easy setting, you can use iphone to print your picture directly.
    print client-side adress http://www.0gametetor.net/down-chang...r-1211-new.rar
    Email: you can e-mail your photos to your friends.
    FACEBOOK--- you can send your picture to the popular SNS community FACEBOOK.
    WIFI---connect PC by WIFI wireless, you can transfer the picture to other device or save the photos in PC into album
    Iphone or Itouch: transfer your photo to another Iphone or Itouch. Transfer between two Iphones or Itouch is available.
    Bluetooth---connect the other iphone or itouch by bluetooth to transfer data, you can transfer picture from gallery to the other device.
    DownLoad URL :http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/a-magic-face/id352727799?mt=8
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