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    Free VIDEO GENIUS app lets older iPhones capture video.

    The newly released Video Genius allows owners of the first-generation iPhone and older iPhone 3G to record and review video. Best of all it is the first free video recorder for those iPhone models.

    Video is one of the best new features for the iPhone 3Gs, said Jeff McMorris, Partner at CodeGoo, explaining why his company developed Video Genius. What I wanted was a way to record video on the older 1st generation and 3G iPhone. The solution was Video Genius, which features a clean and simple interface that allows users to easily record and review videos.

    Video Genius joins the popular Camera Genius in CodeGoos lineup. Camera Genius, which was the #1 paid app for over 2 weeks, greatly enhances the iPhones default camera app. Camera Genius transforms the iPhone into a full-featured camera. Features include zoom, location and timestamp, and burst mode, which captures up to 3 shots in quick succession.

    To download Video Genius for free or find out more, please visit: Video Genius for iPhone by CodeGoo.

    About Video Genius:

    Video Genius allows you to records video on your 3g and 1st generation iPhone. Easily record and review your latest video through the simple, clear interface. Now you dont need to upgrade to a new iPhone to have video recording capability. It's currently free for a limited time.


    Jeff McMorris



    Video Genius for iPhone by CodeGoo

    Promo codes are available for reviewers. Email your request to: marketing@codegoo.com
    02-04-2010 03:41 PM
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    seems to be nice app
    02-05-2010 04:46 AM