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    Using joomla I use number of components in a day. There are huge categories of components that give Joomla the power to be the best CMS in modern era .From Numbers of components three best video components that I find is listed as follow.

    1. Automated joomla video components from jlords.com:
    This is the best video component of videos for joomla. Best feature of this tool is keyword video search based upon keyword searching. It searches the related video from you tube a huge video collection gallery.
    Fully automated facility.
    Search any keyword related videos.
    Customized video player and you can add your own logos
    No need of conversion.
    It covers all Categories of Videos in all languages.
    Does not populate your Database.
    Hand free and light weight components to search videos.
    Language supported feature.
    The only cons of this components is that user can only view the video but not able to add.
    2. Seyret Video Components from jlords.com:
    Seyret video component is one another component that provide the facility to upload the videos by just copy and paste the URL link of desire video to seyret add link .It takes generally few seconds to add videos.
    One big pros of this component is that we add the video from anywhere just copy paste the link.
    If user want to search some videos than only that videos are displayed that are stored in database related to desire keywords.
    There is need of updating the video but not in automated video components.

    3. Jvideo components from jlords:
    Jvideo is a video conversion, streaming, and community collaboration component. In this also have the same feature of copy paste same as seyret video components mean user simply copy the URL link of video and paste to desire place. In this components videos only existing logos are displayed.
    This component also having same pros as seyret video components.
    Only existing logos of video displayed.
    Jlords.com is the professional joomla development company .They has lot of costumer components, module, plug in and joomla development tools for more information please visit JLords - The Joomla Components, Modules, Plugins Developer, Programmers for download


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