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    New Apps for Kids

    Hi Everyone,

    SID On produced 2 Apps for Kids: Color Me !!! and Hidden Stories :

    Color Me !!!

    Price: 0.99 USD

    A coloring booklet for children at the age of 2-6 years. Diverse pictures and color palette will trigger the development of your childs imagination and shape his/her senses.
    A very friendly and intuitive application enables your child to easily create extraordinary pictures.
    Only a touch of a finger and the selected element of the coloring will be filled with colors.
    Shaking the iPhone will cause the cleansing of the picture and therefore provides endless possibilities for coloring of the pictures.
    It is also possible to save the masterpieces of your child in the image gallery. Then the child will be able to place them on the desktop of your device..
    Allow your child to discover the world of colors by means of Color Me!

    Hidden Stories

    Price: 0.99 USD

    Take your child into the magic world of Hidden Stories on your iPhone/iPod Touch!
    The application includes 30 images in three categories: animals, fairy tales and professions.
    Just move your finger on your IPhone and the next extraordinary picture is presented.
    A hare eating a carrot, swimming dolphins or a deer on a clearing, these all your kid will be able to see on your IPhone screen.
    One finger movement will take you to the world of fairy tales. Tell your child why the wolf wanted to eat the Little Red Riding Hood, why Pinocchio has a long nose and how Hansel and Gretel managed to escape from the house of the evil witch.
    Let your imagination create a completely new stories.
    Your child may also in an easy way get to know, how the work of a fireman or a miner looks like.
    Use the application for a common playing, show your child only a part of the picture and let him guess what is hidden.
    A colorful and merry animations of Hidden Stories for Kids will surely give your child a lot of fun!

    Best Regard
    02-03-2010 05:09 AM