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    Hello guys,

    Today by surfing over the net I just came across this blog "IArrays.wordpress.com". This guy has announced a log application with some interesting features.

    In his words,

    Do you know that IPhones phone application doesnt allows to delete recent calls and only shows few records (I hate this , IPhone should have this option)? But iLog Manager allows to delete recent calls and also shows the complete list of calls. Also this wonderful app shows the history of recent messages (currently only SMS no MMS support) as well as Notes. It allows to group the recent calls by name or by call type (all, incoming, outgoing and missed) and so on. This has one great feature and that is SEARCH. With this search option, you can search for a contact or a number or for a text with in the calls, sms and notes history. This great feature is not currently available in any one of the other log applications such as Mobile Log or Call Clear. And also it has some nice other features, which will make this app more better than the other log applications.
    Interesting, isn't it? Even though I'm a big fan of Mobile Log I love this ILog Manager b'coz this has some interesting features .
    02-02-2010 12:30 PM