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    Houseplant 411 Puts an Indoor Plant Consultant on Your iPhone
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    Youre in a store and cant decide which plant will fit best into that dark corner of your living room. Or perhaps the tips on the leaves of your favorite indoor plant are turning down. Maybe there are swarms of bugs flying around the plants in your office. What to do?

    Grab a copy of Houseplant 411 for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Houseplant411s SEARCH feature allows you to enter lighting conditions or specific decorating needs of your home or office. This unique app will recommend the best plants for your conditions. With a list of 70 plants, youre sure to find one that meets your needs!

    Browse 70 houseplants in alphabetical order
    Search for recommended houseplants based on lighting requirements, ease of care, plant usage, and suitability for offices, flowering, and those that clean the air.
    Create unique lists of your favorite indoor plants for future reference
    Get help for any plant question with the Ask Judy feature
    Find numerous links and articles, tips and tricks for plant care with the push of a few buttons

    Indoor Plants | Plant Care | Plant Identifier | Plant Guides

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    02-01-2010 04:44 PM