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    Hi,guys! Tap Pain Free hit App Store!

    Tap Pain Free combines AMBIENT MUSIC which is perfect for anxiety distraction and relaxation and easy-to-follow pain reducing techniques such as rhythmic tapping, kneading etc. to stimulate and soften stiff muscles and kick pain and stress out of your life!

    - Simple massage exercises for pain relief.

    - Over 200 pain relief and relaxation massage methods categorized by Body Parts.

    - Detailed image and text instructions to kick 80 chronic pain symptoms.

    - Specially added beauty massage tips.

    - Customize your own plan by adding your favorite tricks to Bookmark and Rename to your own liking.

    - Support trigger point location reference.

    - Turn your iPhone into a hand-held massager with vivid animations. Support 4 different speeds and patterns.

    - Over 50 high quality looping background music and ambient sounds, including: Boat Traveling - In The Wild - Sprinkle The Lawn - Taking a Shower - Ocean Waves - Thunder - Booklet - Frog At Night - Cricket Chirping and many more. Set Timer and stop playing automatically.


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