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    To find the source of magic, exercise your ability to respond, Come activity bar of your fingers!
    Drag the magic ball, the same graphics or the same color magic balls are connected together will be able to score, even the more the higher the score. If you miss the magic ball can not be matched will be minus the value of life, life the value of deduction light of course, Game Over. Every one pass, magic ball speed will accelerate, with sensitive hands of you, to see how many score do regarding? Come to play!
    1. Exquisite games.
    2. Easy to operate the game altogether.
    3. Infinite points of the game to see if you can play to the first few off. (Free version provides 10 off)
    4. High score system to provide local rank, the global rank, the country rank.
    THE NEXT UPDATE(In Full version)
    - Add more of the game props.
    - Add OpenFeint
    iTunes Link:iTunes Store
    iTunes Link($1,99):iTunes Store
    01-30-2010 11:46 AM