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    MobileNoter was highly anticipated by iPhone owners who use Microsoft OneNote in their daily work, because it is the 1st application in its kind that combines the power of Microsoft OneNote with the mobility of an iPhone device. So what hides behind these words?


    MobileNoter is an iPhone application that provides an easy way to make short notes, export them to OneNote, import OneNote notebooks and do it all in just few clicks.
    MobileNoter allows a user to get an access to all your OneNote data that is displayed the same way as in OneNote.

    When you are at your desk, all your mobile notes appear in OneNote and you can organize them as you like into your existing notebooks.
    The product is available in two editions (Cloud and Wi-Fi) that can be used together or separately, depending on user's needs.

    Cloud Edition application syncs wirelessly using a 3G network, so you can perform synchronization from anywhere you want. Your information is being sent to the cloud, so you don't need to have your PC turned on.

    Wi-Fi Edition syncs directly to your PC just in one click.

    Ultimate level of security.

    We are serious about security of users' private data and offer all means to keep the data safe:
    • Data is transferred through the encrypted channel. No one can intercept it.
    • A user has an option to encrypt his/her data with a user defined key. No one knows the key except the user. A strong security algorithm is used to encrypt the data (AES256).
    • A user has full control on data that is stored in the cloud.

    Try MobileNoter for free!
    You can download the application for free and use it for 7 days to find out if it is suitable for you.
    Check out MobileNoter Web Site for more information!

    Cloud Edition in App Store

    Wi-Fi Edition in App Store
    01-29-2010 05:34 AM