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    Dark Dice 1.0: The iPhone Dice for the dark side!

    Are your dice gone? No problem: these dice are simulated in the iPhone and realistically roll around when shaken. Frank Meyer already offers several dice applications in the App Store. Now he presents Dark Dice 1.0, his first dice of horror: this time the dark side gets its own dice. Fantastic animations along with a growling voice in the Darth Vader style make for fun special effects.

    Briefly summarized:
    - iPhone App Dark Dice 1.0 is here
    - Simulated dice in 3D for on the go
    - Shake the iPhone to roll the dice
    - Spine-chilling sounds and voice
    - Also works with the iPod touch
    - Link: Programmierung, Netzwerkbetreuung, Internet fr Hannover - Frank Meyer EDV

    Everyone has been there: The whole family or gang feels like playing an exciting board game - but the dice are nowhere to be found. It's like they've all fallen off the face of the earth.

    No problem: Frank Meyer presents a new iPhone-App which lets you keep your dice on hand. The Dark Dice 1.0 can be installed on all iPhones and iPod touch devices. The special feature: you can shake the device to roll the die. The 3D animation shows you the rolling die before it stops, and then you can see the number that comes up. It's impossible to cheat, the die does not teeter or tip in this digital version. Everybody in the game can take turns shaking the iPhone.

    Dark Dice 1.0: Glowing copper, rising hellfire
    Frank Meyer already offers several dice in the iTunes AppStore. The new release "Dark Dice 1.0" is a very special die: It comes from the depths of hell and looks like it has been forged from red-hot copper by the devil himself. It even sounds metallic as he crashes onto the floor, and hellfire radiates out of the numbers.

    Frank Meyer: "At last the dark side has its own dice. The outcome of each roll is accompanied by a rasping comment by a Darth Vader-style voice. A game of dice with bad guys is much more fun when this App is used."

    You don't need to shake your iPhone to roll the dice of the dark side, tapping the screen works too, especially if you don't want to risk dropping your device.

    Dark Dice 1.0: iPhone-App at an introductory price of 79 Cents available now in the App Store
    Dark Dice 1.0 (5 MB) is in the iTunes App Store now. The App costs only EUR 0.79 and is ready in the German language.
    01-28-2010 12:32 PM