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    Release of Dads Taxi for iPhone

    I remember back to when I was younger that I was always ringing my dad to come and pick me up from certain places such as football practice, after school activities and the cinema for example and most of the time I never had any idea where I was! This is where Dads Taxi comes into play.

    This simple and fun navigation application allows you to send your location to a selected contact enabling you to be picked up.

    The application although aimed at the younger user can be used by anyone, as it only requires three simple steps:

    1. SHAKE.
    2. LOCATE.
    3. SEND.

    After you have been located you are able to send your Pickup Request by either SMS or by email.

    (You will need to select an existing email contact when using the app for the first time.)

    You can only select an existing contacts with an email address from within the application. If you need to create a new contact you must do this in the standard apple contact application before using it in Dads Taxi.

    PLEASE NOTE: GPS is faster and more accurate if used outside if you are using the application inside a building location results can take a lot longer to obtain.

    System Requirements: iPhone 3g or 3gs running latest 3.x firmware.

    Dads Taxi is now available on iTunes: iTunes Store
    01-28-2010 05:04 AM