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    Toronto (Canada) January 11, 2010

    Location-based services (LBS) company Cellflare has launched Version 3.0 of their GPS mobile application in the Apples App Store for the iPhone(TM).

    For the release of 3.0 Cellflare has redesigned the interface, graphics and registration process to create ease of use, clearer presentation and increased functionality. Key new features for Cellflare are Friends on the Map and in addition Cellflare has improved the efficiency of its core tracking program which should allow for longer battery life.

    With Friends on the Map, users will now be able to follow and track all of their friends from their mobile device.. The information presented includes a photo or avatar of their contacts, their position, and average speed in real time. This will allow for Friends meet up with no more missed rendezvous that have plagued some location based services.

    Cellflare Messenger will allow one to one Instant Message conversations across multiple devices. The user will be able to click on their Friends on the Map and initiate an Instant Messenger conversation via Cellflare Messenger.

    Apples App Store recently topped three Billion downloads and is available to iPhone and iPod touch customers in 77 countries worldwide

    The Cellflare application uses your mobile devices GPS system to locate you and your contacts on the move in real time. The application already boasts features such as the Quick Locate PIN, GeoFencing, eCouponing, real-time history and speed function functionality. Parental Lock was added for Version 2.0. To download Cellflare 3.0 directly to your iPhone go to the Apples App Store iTunes Store.

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    About Cellflare Inc.

    With headquarters in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Location-based Service Company Cellflare combines expertise and creativity with innovations in mobile technology.

    For more information visit Cellflare Location Based Service, Cellflare News and follow us on Twitter @cellflare29. Cellflare is a trademark of Cellflare Inc.

    SOURCE: Cellflare Inc.

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