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    It's Like farmville/Harvest Moon but with a story


    -Main character, player of the century, only wants to play and does not want to take care of the fruit farm. One day, he accidently hears the conversation between his father and a village man about how he almost died and came back alive after eating the heavenly fruit. Around the same time, Fruits, the heavenly agriculture fairy, came down to earth to find lime orange tree. However, lime orange tree was only left with its trunk as Jejes dad decided to cut down the tree. So, Fruits took the trunk of the lime orange tree and was resting near the spring located in the village. At that moment, the main characters dad appeared in front of them. Heavenly people were not supposed to be seen by the people on earth, but the main character and his dad were able to see them because they previously touched and ate the heavenly fruits.

    -The main character goes into a deep thought after hearing that he came back to life after eating the heavenly fruit. He wants to grow up but heavenly agriculture fairy Fruits and lime orange tree forces him to cultivate the heavenly fruit by holding his dad a hostage. They were in need of the heavenly fruits in order to recover their health and move on with their plans. Therefore, they took the dads soul which caused him to be hospitalized.

    -After finding out that he only has 3 years to cultivate the heavenly fruit, the main character goes on to take care of the farm in order to raise the medical fees and cultivate the heavenly fruits for his dad...

    Object of the game

    -Harvest the heavenly fruits for you fathers soul.
    -Need to give to the hospital all the fruits that they ask for instead of you fathers hospital bills.
    -Harvest, Plant and sell to earn money during the game
    -Increase the fun with varieties of systems including stealing, fishing, raising pets, being in a relationship.

    Game Features

    Enjoy this popular mobile game on iPhone and iPod Touch! Unlike the boring, repetitive, and hard levels of other existing Tycoons, Farm Tycoon is filled with easy but organized developments that will surely interest the Users. Also, instead of being bounded by the progress, determined by how fast a user can use their fingers, and simulated developments, this particular Farm Tycoon prioritizes strategies to make the game more interesting.

    please view play footage
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    01-27-2010 04:24 AM