1. iMicroscope's Avatar
    The new iMicroscope application allows you to take photos through a microscope using the camera on your iPhone. (These are called micrographs.)

    This is not a simulated microscope, nor a learning app. This is designed for engineers and scientists, and works *with* and actual microscope. (Microscope not included! )

    The tutorial video shows exactly how to do this:

    Here is an image of an epoxy bullet being sliced into 100 nanometer thick sections using a diamond knife (literally diamond, not diamond edged, or tipped). You can see it in the middle of the photo. The slices are floating off onto a surface of water so they can be picked up and placed into an electron microscope.

    This photo was taken using iMicroscope and a 30X binocular scope.



    P.S. Personally, even though this is tremendously useful to scienceheads, it is also just plain cool that you can do this! Who thought you'd be able to take micrographs with your iPhone?! I certainly didn't when I bought it.
    01-27-2010 02:16 AM
  2. Joseph Trzaska's Avatar
    Any update on this project? I see that it is not available through the app store. Not surprised since this was a few years ago. But it looked good, so I am hoping you have something.
    06-08-2015 02:39 PM