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    Flower chain is a nice little chain reaction puzzle game where all you have to do is Tap on the screen to pop first flowers chain reaction so that all floating flowers get a chance to grow bigger. If you miss to many times it will be game over. Try to get high score!

    1. There are 4 season theme, the different feelings you can switch to a different theme. (Full version have this feature)
    2. Aesthetic music.
    3. Easy simple operation can make players physically and mentally to be completely relaxed.
    4. 5 kinds of different attributes of the color flower, not the same as the characteristics of an open, greatly increased gameplay.
    5. With the global scoring system, and global player an arch-competitor.
    Come and enjoy the aesthetic feeling, try your skill and luck.

    iTunes Link:::::iTunes Store
    01-27-2010 02:03 AM