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    I was glancing through some of the news sites and TUAW had a news article on the application ALARM.COM

    I just wanted to share this with everyone, as I have had a great experience with this company. It is a home alarm system. I purchased my equipment using an authorized dealer called FrontPoint Security. I have placed a link to the review of one of the editors at TUAW that is using this system themselves at the bottom of this review.

    I've been using mine for about a year now, and I have nothing bad to say. It is very convenient to have push notification for pending alarms and when an alarm has been activated. It gives you a history of activity of when doors are opened and closed. My wife and I have 2 FOBs (wireless remotes like a car alarm) to disarm the alarm. It will tell me when she had armed or disarmed. I can disarm the house, so the neighbor can feed the dog and rearm it when she leaves. I can monitor the activity with a wireless camera which I can rotate movement to see anything going on from my front door and back door, livingroom, kitchen and part of the hallways. You can add more sensors for example to medicine cabinet if you have an elderly person living with you and you wnat to know if they took their meds by just seeing if the medcine cabinet was opened and closed and the times. Its an amazing system. There are other authorized dealers which carry this equipment for alarm.com..... alarm.com does the monitoring by humans just like ADT and BRINKs and all the other popular services out there. The equpiment is very simple to install, I did my house in about 25 to 30 mins... made my call activated the system after they did a check on the systems and each sensor. I'm not affiliated in anyway with alarm.com nor frontpoint security, I'm just a happy customer sharing his experience. My monthly service is about 42.79 monthly for monitoring. Also the alarm panel I chose to go with his the SimonXT which uses Cellular Towers to communicate with the Monitoring Company Alarm.com.... No more worries about the theives cutting your phone line. As soon as the alarm detects movent, or sensor triggered for a door or window or glass breakage it will send a pending alarm to the company. They give you time to go to the alarm panel and entered your 4 digit code, or use a remote or your iphone... u can of course do this with iphone anywhere as long as you have internet access. The thief can locate the panel and destroy it if they wanted to.... it wont matter if the alarm.com does not receive a disarm option from remote, iphone or or keypad... the owner will receive a call to confirm the triggered alarm.. The Police is next if you don't give the rep a valid passcode. I have placed a link to Frontpoint's website at the bottom, which has a lot of videos to show the demonstrations... I used ADT in the past, and I'm so much happier with alarm.com

    :oTHE ALARM IS WORKING...... The alarm is loud in the house...sounds like crickets on steroids. I came home one night around 12 midnight and realized it was trash night. My wife is usually still awake.... in this case she was not and the alarm had been set. I opened the garage door to roll out the trash cans to the street. (I purchased a sensor for the alarm that detects the garage door opened or closed) UNFORTUNATELY, my iphone was left in the car and I did not receive the Pending alarm notification while dealing with the trash cans.... I get 2 notifications.. one by email another by text msg. Needless to say my wife woke up to the warning chirps of the alarm, but the chirps had already been going on for a few seconds when she figured out it wasn't the alarmclock but the alarm instead. Needless to say the crickets on steroids went off. Of course I explained to the rep how stupid I was when they called to see if everything was ok.

    Wife wasn't happy about scarying the kids and her... but on the other hand.... it is nice to know it is working flawlessly.

    A Lesson Learned....
    1) Check alarm status on the iphone prior to arriving home. Is it armed or not?
    2) Then take the trash out.

    Something I did not mention..... u can hold 2 buttons down on your remote at the same time to activate the panic alarm which triggers the alarm. Alarm.com will then call police. The control panel also has this button. Of course the Iphone application doesn't but again... you should be dialing 911 rather than looking for the panic button right.

    MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: In your iphone settings, make sure you have your iphone password protected at the startup screen. Everyone should have a passcode on their iphone anyways.

    QUESITONS ????
    Also I do not have the wireless camera option yet since we wanted to save money to purchase the camera that could move instead of having the fixed view camera.

    Do some research if your in the market for home security systems... check out the reviews on alarm.com and the equpiment seller frontpoint security.

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