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    Taperator is a fun new app that features four fun and unique games--all for the price of one (with more games on the way)! The games in Taperator are designed to be simple, challenging, and easy to learn. Tired of playing by yourself? Why not add a friend or two? The games in Taperator allow you to include others in your fun as well--all with only one device!

    Featured Games:
    Argumentator--Settling differences with your friends has never been more fun! Now you can argue using skill and dexterity to win! Each player (up to four players are supported) is given their own argue button. Whoever taps their button the most times before the time runs out wins the argument!

    Bugerator--Watch out! Here they come! A horde of bugs has come to invade your house and it is your job to stop them! In Bugerator, you'll find yourself squashing bugs as they run across your screen at random times and places. Be careful, though. If you squash a good bug or get too hasty and let a bad bug go, you'll lose a life! Featuring singleplayer or VS game modes, you can compete with yourself to beat your best score, or pit your bug squashing skills to the test against another player!

    Racerator--Start your engines and get ready to race! In Racerator, the goal is to get your car across the screen as fast as possible by tapping on the pedal--the faster you tap, the faster the car with go! Also featuring both singleplayer and VS modes, you can race against yourself or a friend! What are you waiting for? It's time to race!

    Reflexerator--This game will test your reflexes and visual senses. A red or green dot will appear for a bit at a random place and time on your screen. Your job is to tap the green ones as fast as you can before it goes away. If you miss a green dot or tap a red one, you'll lose a life. Put your skills to the test in a battle against a friend in VS mode. The first to tap the green dot gets a point. The first to ten points wins! So, how fast are you?

    Over all, with zany sound effects and more games on the way, Taperator is an app you'll not want to pass up!

    Website: Taperator

    iTunes: Taperator

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    01-24-2010 01:28 AM