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    Presenting a new way to put a twist on your photos! With A Picture Twist Users of the iPhone, iPod Touch can take and/or process archived photos with the touch of a button or shake of the device (if you for some reason You REALLY want a new picture). Sending the photo through a million possibilities of enhancement made possible by duel processing algorithms.. Incapable of becoming dull due to the random and chaotic unpredictability of each photo processed, it also maintains its value in that they can be pictures you take. Your photographic value adds to the programs value! In split seconds offering you something different and entirely artistic, something new and fresh to an already priceless moment.

    A Picture twist is a tool, toy and coffee table item as its sure to entertain friends.
    Save algorithm profiles to keep your favorite algorithm profiles and styles.
    Build interesting galleries of an otherwise mundane object.
    Endless possibilities with a satisfying probability
    An investment that does not get old? Low User control + User preference + User Values = No creative stagnation.
    Great for making interesting social networking galleries
    01-22-2010 05:27 PM