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    Hi there,

    Im writing to introduce PlacePop a location-aware mobile app that has just been released.

    We would love to hear your feedback on the first version of our app. We think it works great anywhere in the world not just in big cities like other geo-social apps. Its free, simple to use, and offers a fun way to stay connected with the places you and your friends go to.

    Find PlacePop in the app store here: iTunes Store

    More details and ideas for how to use PlacePop are below, and screenshots are attached.

    Thanks for your time, and we hope you enjoy our app!

    Best regards,

    The PlacePop Team


    About PlacePop:

    Use PlacePop to collect and share the places you go restaurants, parks, bars, cafes anywhere in the world simply by checking-in when youre there.

    You can easily add your own notes and photos to any place, and gain status (Silver, Gold, etc.) as you check-in more frequently.

    The app shows you the real-time activity at any place in the world, and where your friends are.

    Earn status on PlacePop and let businesses that you frequent reward you for your loyalty.

    Be one of the first to try PlacePop for your iPhone available free at the app store: iTunes Store


    Ways To Use PlacePop:

    Document Live Events
    Share the moment create a real-time photostream at any live event

    Create a Travel Journal
    Checking-in helps you remember all the places you visit on trips

    Get Rewards
    Connect with businesses you care about, and get rewarded for your loyalty

    01-22-2010 04:49 PM