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    Zuinq is an Iphone interface to a database of geo-referenced sites (these sites are the most varied, from restaurants, ATM, metro stations, bus stops, supermarkets, libraries, shops, monuments, gas stations and basically any concept you can imagine) with collaborative or social functions.

    Its database is always growing, not just by the work of the authors of the tool, but thanks to the Zuinq users community itself, who may always add a new point of interest from anywhere in the world, and share their opinions about any existing place. Therefore Zuinq service is not static, its constantly evolving, increasingly providing information to its user community, so that you can find in Zuinq places you couldn't find in any other tool.

    Though just georeferencing of these points (and their location not only through the map, but through searching by categories, groups and name) can be relevant and make this tool a very useful one, even more interesting is the association of alphanumeric information on each point of interest: description, punctuation, remarks, address, the distance that is, write an e-mail, access their website or phone.

    Other features that may be useful are the ability to save those sites that the user considers most relevant in a personal favorites list and also to calculate a route from your current position and the place of interest you select.

    Last but not least, you can find interesting places, not only around you, but at any location you want. You only have to enter a city, address or zip code on "My locations" section and you will go there to see its interesting places. This way, you can manage a list of locations you're used to go, or you're planning to travel to, and look for interesting places around them with just one tap!

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    01-22-2010 11:47 AM