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    Globetrotr is a virtual traveling app for your iPhone/iPod Touch.

    Developer: bees4honey
    Price: FREE
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    Globetrotr is amazing app for your iPhone or iPod Touch which uses Google Maps to show you different great places around the World. With Globetrotr you have a great chance to see the most interesting sights on the planet!

    Globetrotr is a kind of virtual travelling application for your iPhone or iPod Touch! You can see different sights right on your device wherever you are!

    Globetrotr has a huge amount of places of interest. See Al Capone's Florida Hideout, Warwick Castle, Moscow Kremlin, Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge, German Submarine Bunker, Alice in Wonderland Maze, etc.

    All the places of interest are broken down into categories, so its really easy to navigate between them. Globetrotrs*interface is clean*and easy to use, it looks and acts like iPhones standard interface.

    Globetrotrs categories
    - Homes;
    - Castles;
    - Ancient;
    - Companies;
    - Military;
    - Air ports;
    - Mazes;
    - Islands;
    - Bays;
    - Mountains;
    - Waterfalls.

    Download Globetrotr now and see amazing places from all over the World!
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    01-22-2010 09:41 AM