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    How far would you go to show your love to your valentine? Would you reach for the sky?... Bring down a star maybe? Well, let's save you the trouble... because we have everything planned out.

    After a lot of persistence, Cupid has agreed to lend you his bow for a day to win adorable gifts for your sweetheart. From candy bars to diamond rings... aim Cupids bow at the various gifts floating in the air and strike them with an arrow to win. Watch out for heart breakers, though, as they result in loss of a heart!

    Snuggle together this Valentine season and enjoy CupidStrikes!

    - Engage in 20 levels to prove your Love
    - Play with 4 amazing Backgrounds: Scenery, Jungle, Sea and Valentine
    - Win 20 different kinds of gifts for your sweetheart
    - Find out whose love reaches the High scores

    01-22-2010 03:19 AM