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    Alright - so echoecho is finally live. (EchoEcho if you're reading this on a PC - m.echoecho.me directly from your phones). You can find it on the appstore if you like - but it's probably faster just to go to the website.

    So - you're thinking - what's news? you share your location - so what ???

    I know you all know all about latitude, loopt, gowalla, foursquare etc etc...

    (first and foremost - there is a version of echoecho on iphone, android, nokia symbian, blackberry, windows mobile so you don't have to worry about what phone your buddy has when you send them an echo)

    but the key thing is this - I don't want to broadcast my location.
    I want to share my location. With specific individuals only. Think of it as more of an SMS (or permission-based location sharing) than a twitter feed.

    It appears that significant numbers of our beta users so far think likewise.

    We decided to streamline the s**t out of the whole process because let's face it - for everyone apart from a group of hardcore users who live on facebook the idea of joining yet another social network is kind of a pain. well ...we already have a social network on our phones...it's called our phone book

    Install + full configuration (from the moment you get invited) on iphone takes just under 60 seconds. It's exceptionally easy to use - I've got parents using it to find their kids - and friends using it to find each other...

    We've got push-like functionality on all platforms (and a bunch of other tricks coming up shortly) a fully open API (in both directions) - because we want this to be mashed into as many things as possible. We have avoided complicated user preference screens and profiles entirely - and focused on the core requirement to share location as easily and as quickly as possible.

    This is the inbox

    This is the map view...

    If anybody wants more information go check out the website at EchoEcho - now start sending some echoes...

    Thanks for reading this...

    01-22-2010 12:40 AM