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    Hey everyone -

    With Valentine's Day fast approaching (if you recognize it, that is!) folks are looking for apps to augment the annual "special" romantic holiday.

    iCelebrate ~ Valentine's Day provides you with six romantically whimsical, animating scenes, and access to top-rated Internet radio stations specializing in Smooth Jazz, Love Songs, Easy Listening favorites, and R&B jams.

    The set-up of iCelebrate ~ Valentine's Day is simple: choose a preferred music genre (Smooth Jazz, Love Songs, Easy Listening or R&B), choose a romantic, animating image to pair with the music (a big red, glittery heart; a pair of deep blue hearts with the sun's brilliant refracting rays; a rotating golden chandelier; the romance of a New York City balcony at night; a gift from a loved one; and at last, the simple warmth of a candlelit table at sundown), and then press play! Candles will flicker, hearts will pulse, city lights will twinkle, and stars will shine - all to the beat of the music!

    iCelebrate ~ Valentine's Day is now available for $0.99 at the iTunes App Store where you can locate it under the 'iCelebrate' or 'iCelebrate Valentine's Day' search terms, or visit the following link:
    iTunes Store.

    Check it out!
    01-21-2010 02:24 PM