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    My newest iPhone App is now available on the App Store. It is called "Scripture Only". Each week it will display a 'devotional' I have written using only different verses in the Bible that have been arranged in such a way to display a point or elicit responses. Each verse is also linked to the entire chapter that it came from. This way you may see the verses in their original context. After each new devotional is added, the older ones may still be viewed on the Archives tab. Enjoy and please Rank and Review after downloading.

    iTunes Store
    01-20-2010 03:41 PM
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    A note, I will try to update the devotional each Wednesday.
    01-21-2010 03:07 PM
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    Someone asked version used, the current one is a mixture, but all others will be NASB
    01-24-2010 09:52 PM
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    2 ET USA will be update time for each Wednesday.
    01-26-2010 01:27 PM
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    My second scripture only devo has now been posted and is viewable from within the app
    01-28-2010 12:52 AM