1. iphonegamelover's Avatar
    Has anyone seen Aroma The Aromotherapy app which has come out of the app incubator? romatherapy tells users of this app how organic essential oils can treat a variety of conditions and ailments..
    I think this is a great app. My mother and mother in law both suffer with diabetes and have found the advice in this app very useful.
    Condtions are broken down into two categories: I Feel and I Have. If you feel sick say for example this app will tell you how to reduce your symptoms naturally. If you have a long term condition it will give you advice for what oils to use too.
    It is great to see an app developer who invests in peoples ideas and give them a share of the profits. Another good app by this developer is Problem Halved which you wouldnt believe was dreamt up by a trash collector in England which has been all over the web.
    01-20-2010 08:53 AM