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    Hi Guys,

    Here we are coming to you from Dark Studios HQ, working on what we hope will be an App Store Stonker. Its going by the name Old Man Stan & The Boogeyman Plan, or Old Man Stan, for shortor even The Boogeyman Plan if you like.

    Were not giving away too many details just yet but can tell you it involves an old mannamed Stan, and some rather unpleasant characters who take great pleasure in tormenting him. Their plan is simple, they take all youre usual household items and shove them under poor Stanleys bed, pushing him higher and higher into the stratosphere! Yes indeed every night is a bad night for our Stanley and he often wakes to find himself thousands of feet in the air with clouds and Space Pirates all around him.

    You, the player, are tasked with helping this unfortunate fellow; releasing balls and bashing out blocks of this tower is your primary goal. So quick fingers and a nimble mind are the perfect weaponof course not all is that straight forward and what may seem like a simple task is anything but. So stay tuned as we unveil more about the game and why it is going to keep you occupied for most of February.

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    Take care now, be sure to drive home safely,

    The Development Team
    01-18-2010 05:18 AM