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    Submitted to the Store and Awaiting Approval.

    Category: Games
    Price: $0.99

    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

    Product URL: Rafter | Engaging Game | iPhone App

    What is Rafter?

    Rafter is a deceptively simple game with 21 progressive levels which involves dropping blocks accurately to strike a mine.

    App Description:
    Are you in a mood for a challenge?

    If you think Rafter is just another game out there, think again! Rafter is 21 levels of pure challenge and excitement. Check out this highly addictive game now. If you have even a passing interest in getting your brain juice flowing, then Rafter is the game for you. Play it. Love it.

    Stimulate your brain cells with Rafter. Highly addictive game that challenges your problem solving ability!
    Simple physics, little problem solving ability and some logic! Thats all what you need to play Rafter.

    Visit us at Rafter | Engaging Game | iPhone App

    ★★★ FEATURES ★★★
    One of its kind physics based game in which the player can sketch objects of required sizes.
    Choice of selecting the type of sketches between circle and rectangle.
    Open feint enabled to share the scores.
    21 mind blowing levels with interesting level designs.
    Witty and highly addictive levels targeting players drawing skills.

    Requirements Works with iPhone and iPod Touch OS 3.0
    WiFi, Edge or 3G Network Required


    Demo Video URL:

    Product URL: Rafter | Engaging Game | iPhone App
    01-18-2010 04:37 AM
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    Rafter The Physics Based Fun Game From Punflay Is Live On A Very Quick Turnaround!

    Check the App at Rafter
    01-27-2010 12:37 AM
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    Rafter, the physics puzzle on iPhone released 3 weeks ago has now 10 more enticing levels to keep you hooked, thanks to the feedback of the app lovers who checked it out.

    Check the updated version at Rafter

    02-05-2010 05:43 AM
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    Rafter, the physics puzzle on iPhone is going to feature 41 levels in total in the latest edition, apart from a level editor, which shall allow users to create their own levels. Thus much more value for the 99c App.

    Check the updated version at Rafter

    Check the preview Video of the updated version -
    02-16-2010 11:53 PM