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    Andrea didnt know it was a dream till it turned into a nightmare. It started out pleasantly with her involved in coffee and conversation in her
    favourite coffee shop with a group of friends from her cheerleader days. They were discussing narcissism for some time and when they fell
    silent, Andrea realised the whole coffee house was discussing the same topic. Before she could alert her friends, someone yelled out look
    whos talking. Then like a torrent everyone was commenting on every single thing she and her friends were talking about.

    Now, the question isis this nightmare Andreas alone? Everyone was excited about being a part of the virtual world when social networking
    came into the picture. Even someone who literally preaches anti-socialism seems to have a minimum of hundred friends online. Hundreds of
    online counterparts who can see everything that youve been up to, every mischief, every momentprofound or irrelevant, every
    activityobjective or otherwise is out there. Boundaries are very vague where the virtual world is considered. When did a chance remark
    you made months ago get the power to make a potential employer back away? And how in the world did your former roommate get a chance to
    expose your unflattering living habits through snide remarks?

    For those who like to keep their life uncomplicated, cyber stalkers at bay and yet be utterly connected to their closest friends, peoplesound is
    a very appealing option. Though we gather so many acquaintances and a few friends over a lifetime there are but a few people, even for the
    most compulsive of social butterflies, who we need to stay in constant touch with. Through the iPhone application, peoplesound, you can
    share every moment of your life with those who truly matter. After all, your boss doesnt need to know your take on the latest peep-toes in the

    peoplesound is popular for its exclusivity and the number of things you can do to keep your virtual network as good as hanging out at the
    coffee shop. For one thing you can stay connected to your network through free SMS as well as the web browser. Status updates are made
    much simpler and faster through this. You can get news feeds from Webnews, another integrated feature, directly through SMS, allowing you
    to immediately let your network know your take on the latest happenings. Vivid profiles, pictures and the ability to see whoever in your
    group is online so as to interact with themall through your iPhone is the best way to stay absolutely tuned. peoplesound has won several
    accolades and is already voted one the five Best iPhone Social Network Applications under the Mashable Open Web Award 2009. Now that
    we got over the initial awe of social networking and crazy-virtual-friend-making, we can now rely on sensible applications that are actually
    meant to keep our connections buzzing and most importantly relevant, ubiquitous and time sensitive. Life is simple again.

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    Required OS: 2.0

    Connect to peoplesound, the alternative way to keep in touch with your circle of real friends and family, and start sharing life as it happens

    from your iPhone.
    peoplesound is a mobile social network to stay in touch with 20 of your REAL network on the go.

    peoplesound is the first social network designed for iphone with privacy in mind. It gives its users the peace of mind that they have complete

    control over who can see their content.
    peoplesoudns is available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French & Italian.
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