1. hk2upguy's Avatar
    The Long wait is over finally the open button game is available on the Appstore.

    To learn the greatest comedies, he goes to the deadly cyberspace. Will he be able to last in this place, a checkpoint for all the ultimate lousy people... Can he become the ultimate 'Lousy' character?

    You can be the gag action character too! Stay away from the actions where you simply run around! Wipe away your boredom by playing this action game filled with various missions!

    Unpredictable! Unique and various monsters are waiting for YOU!

    It's too boring to just run around? Destory the monsters by shooting out the Jolts with your eyes.

    Unique Mini Games. Pick out the best games during the story mode!! and enjoy them again through the mini games.

    Be real to your insticts! One "OK" button can make you perform the simple actions such as running, jumping, hitting, and rolling, including the main characters' lousy actions. Everything can be done with ONE key!

    Please view our trailer on youtube "LOUSY ACTION MONKEY TRAILER PLAY FOOTAGE"

    and please download from App Store "Lousy Action Monkey"
    01-17-2010 08:58 PM
  2. iVenom's Avatar
    will have a look
    01-18-2010 05:20 AM