1. Crunch's Avatar
    ...is what I'm still looking for. I had mobiTV on my BlackBerry Bold, but sadly, that's not available for the iPhone. SlingPlayer works great, and with 3G Unrestrictor, I'm able to use it the same way I did on my Bold. However, I really only use it when I travel.

    Digging through the Apple, Cydia, and Rock Appstore's, I've found a bunch of supposedly free TV apps, only to read reviews that they're not really free, and that the ones I found are pretty much are a ripoff.

    I don't expect it to be free, and I would gladly fork over some cash for what is essentially the only functionality that I am missing from my BlackBerry days.

    Can anyone recommend an app, or a way to stream maybe, to make this display of decadence on my part possible on this crazy beautiful super device!?

    I thank you in advance.
    01-17-2010 05:52 AM
  2. spidermanroach's Avatar
    I just bought the orb live app for $9.99. Seems to be working fine. I need to try that 3G unrestrictor. I can watch live tv on my phone when I have wifi and watch recorded when in 3G.
    01-17-2010 08:31 AM
  3. touchyphone's Avatar
    Well, NBC has a nifty iPhone mobile site. Where you can watch full episodes of all current shows, and classic NBC shows. http://m.nbc.com/fullepisodes.shtml#

    Also there's iphone.skinns.ca, but this site is not sponsored and most likely will get shutdown, but they have a huge library of almost every TV show, and current movies.
    01-17-2010 01:42 PM
  4. Carlm's Avatar
    You guys know any good ones for the UK with quite a few channels?
    01-17-2010 05:00 PM
  5. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    tv.com from the app store is good to have
    01-17-2010 05:35 PM