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    If you enjoy playing BeJeweled and Tetris, youll love StarFaces, an innovative iPhone app that combines the same type of addicting gameplay with powerful personalization and social networking tools.

    StarFaces enables you to Star In Your Own Games. Its Game Design Wizard allows you to easily create personalized game tiles from your photos. You can save your game to the StarFaces Game Network and all your friends and fans will be able to play your game on their iPhones instantly. All this is accomplished in minutes on your iPhone, with no coding and no waiting weeks for Apple's approval. During its introductory period, all the StarFaces games are free to play, and you can try each game template for free.

    The StarFaces Classic game template allows you to create a BeJeweled-like game with 5 personalized game tiles. With the StarFaces Pro game template, in addition to 5 custom game tiles, you to create your own custom game icons and background, select a game music track, and set up a hot button that connects directly to your web site. It's a great tool for promoting yourself or your business. An indie rock band, for example, can create a game to introduce their new album, with band members' faces for game tiles, record cover for game background image, and a Buy Music button that links to iTunes. The game will be instantly available to all iPhones and all their fans can find the game by its title on the StarFaces Game Network.

    Overall, StarFaces is great fun to play and easy to use. Its personalization and sharing tools are great for social networking and business promotion. Also, StarFaces is sponsoring contest for the most popular game and highest score of the month you can win a $100 for each, so go give it a try.

    Get the iTunes link for free download, Contest details to win $100 and Video instructional here -
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    01-16-2010 12:38 PM