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    Social Networking is a lot of fun and essential in todays world. There are many people whose day begins with checking their social page. Even though it is widely accepted and followed, the drawback of these social networks is that there is no real privacy. All your acquaintances are privy to the information you share which are meant only for close friends sometimes.

    All the iPhoners rejoice because there is a new application called peoplesound which is a social networking application for the users of i-Phone which can help you be in touch with about twenty of your close friends and be in touch with these people even when you are on a secluded beach, a concert, Wimbledon, well you get my drift. A social networking application created keeping in mind the requirements of people who do not want some colleague of theirs to know about their mid-life crisis or someone they met at the gym to know that they are feeling really low. Peoplesound is all about exclusive networking with your real friends, with whom you want to share lifes little joys and not feel like you just broadcasted it all over the world. Yes, peoplesound is for your true friends.

    Like most other social networking sites you can update your status and upload your photos on to the application through your iPhone. You can update and comment on the photos of your friends, see who is available and online and most conveniently follow topical news and initiate conversations about all the matters of the world; all from your iPhone. Hence you are not encumbered to get in front of your laptop every time you want to make a small change or just type one comment.

    Voted as one of the top five best i-Phone applications in the Mashable Open Web 2009, the Peoplesound application is an Italian design by Buongiorno. The advantage of Peoplesound is that you get to receive your alerts both in the way of sms and also through emails.
    To make your Peoplesound experience even more happening and fun, try the Webnews service. Webnews.it, which is something along the lines of a mobile feed reader, sends in news to coincide with the publication online. You can also get access to individual records through SMS messages by subscribing to the Webnews channel. It is a wonderful service and what makes it even more wonderful is that is that it is free.

    Available in the four languages of English, Italian, French and Spanish, peoplesound is the new age social networking mantra with you keeping in constant touch with your real friends and share life with them as it happens from your handy iPhone.

    About peoplesound Free App:

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    Homepage: peoplesound - - Sign up. It's free!

    App Store URL : iTunes Store

    Required OS: 2.0

    Connect to peoplesound, the alternative way to keep in touch with your circle of real friends and family, and start sharing life as it happens from your iPhone.
    peoplesound is a mobile social network to stay in touch with 20 of your REAL network on the go.

    peoplesound is the first social network designed for iphone with privacy in mind. It gives its users the peace of mind that they have complete control over who can see their content.
    peoplesoudns is available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French & Italian.
    01-15-2010 03:28 AM
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    peoplesound is the first social network designed for iphone with privacy in mind
    excluding Facebook you mean?
    01-15-2010 11:38 AM