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    IG Talk 2.0 is specially designed to provide cleaner and simpler interface, and of course, more features!
    http :// www .0gametetor.net/iphone_images/gtalk/02.jpg
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    -----sending Email
    -----PUSH, you can receive off-line notice from friend, or the system will tell you that some messages are there when you dont use I GTalk.
    -----sharing current location. Keep in touch with your friends anywhere.
    -----Text message? Is that enough to express your feelings? Now use icons and images!

    It costs you only $1.99.
    http ://itunes.apple.com/lv/app/i-gtalk-pro-2-0-with-push/id348869166?mt=8
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    Thank you for your support, and do let us know if you have any questions:

    I Gtalk pro 2.0(with push) is instant message software featured from Google Talk, now you can contact your friends and share happiness with them anytime, anywhere!

    http :// www .0gametetor.net/iphone_images/gtalk/03.jpg
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    Besides the primary message tips, saving chat logs, updating on-line status and voice reminder, the system also provides other features including sending Email, PUSH and sharing current location. With these simple operations, you can receive and send message to friends immediately. It makes communication between you and your friends convenient.

    Message PUSH----just open PUSH, you can receive off-line notice from friend, or the system will tell you that some messages are there when you dont use I GTalk. After open the icon, there is a red-pop on the screen to remind you how much messages from friends.

    http :// www .0gametetor.net/iphone_images/gtalk/04.jpg
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    Send location----you can send your current location connecting to friends based on GPS. After open the connecting, you can find general location which goes to 100 meter (iPhone only)

    Save chat logswith this setting, you can save the chat logs with friend or cancel saving in order to protect your privacy.

    Dialog----you can send friends information including words, icon and image. (Icon and image transmutations are supported only between IPHONE and ITOUCH currently) .Please dont worry about missing any message. When they are coming, there will be red-pop to remind you with showing message amount.

    History----the historical recording can be saved in the system after setting, its convenient for you to read. If you dont need it any more, you can delete it.

    Gmailif you have to contact friend who is off-line, you can send email directly.
    Login setyou can choose login by password or auto-login by advanced setting on login page

    Set login status--- after set login status on its page, the system appears on this status after login next time.
    Friends list---the system can show all friends, you can instantly talk with them by clicking, or click icon back to edit friend name, check more details about them, or delete someone.

    Change status---you can change status any time. This version provides on-line, busy, leave and customize. The busy and leave is the same for G Talk on some other platforms

    Set default status---after set default status, the login status will be the default mode next time. If you want to change current status, you can edit in status.

    http :// www .0gametetor.net/iphone_images/gtalk/05.jpg
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    Icon size----you can edit friend imagine size as need, it will help you find what you want more conveniently
    voice reminder----just open voice reminder feature, you dont have to wait, you can know the message when its coming.

    http :// itunes.apple.com/lv/app/i-gtalk-pro-2-0-with-push/id348869166?mt=8
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    very good !
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