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    Like you, I have searched the iPhones app stores only to find that no program out there did what I wanted. I wanted an app that would remember things for me! Whatever I needed, wanted, right as it was happening. Fat chance right? So I thought to myself, the base concept for that is memory, and trust me there are many many iPhone apps that record stuff, But they only record the stuff you predetermine to be important. We all know how dependable preminission can be. So the only way to capture a truly spontaneous moment is record your whole day, which is impractical, and who would listen to a recording that lasted 24 hours? So I utilized the tools of the iPhone to construct a virtual short term memory, a rolling audio memory of the last sixty seconds. This mimics the way your mind works, store some things temporary and dumps it if its not important. Thats what my program "Hindsight" does. It will record your whole day, but only remember something when you hit capture. I even put an instant replay button on it, just in-case your immediately forget someones name. What do you guys think? and advice?
    01-13-2010 07:07 PM