1. jimmysuggs's Avatar
    I've been using the Gazette rss reader app for the past few months and I really love it. It's simple and clean does exactly what I want. But in the last few days when I open the app, I get a message saying "syncing failed" when I try to grab my feeds from google. And I just noticed that the app is no longer for sale on itunes and the site for the guy who created the app is no longer active.

    So I guess I should assume that Gazette is dead?

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
    01-13-2010 05:25 PM
  2. jimmysuggs's Avatar
    I emailed the guy who created Gazette to ask if the app was done. His response:

    "Yes. I just had to refocus my priorities for now. Gazette 3 is still coming as a free update later this year."

    Kind of a bummer, not sure which reader to try now.

    01-13-2010 07:17 PM
  3. jamesus's Avatar
    I have been using Reeder for a long time and it is my favorite by far.
    01-14-2010 07:51 AM
  4. kilsey's Avatar
    Agreed, Reeder is fantastic. Byline is another strong choice, but Reeder has superceded it in my opinion
    01-17-2010 07:10 PM