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    N1 in France, in Spain, in Germany and in Switzerland, Akinator has been downloaded more than 200 000 times. The application is in the top 10 of paid applications in several European countries since August 2009.
    More and more users want to defy the genius. Originally, Akinator is a web game edited by Elokence. The genius can read your mind and tell you who youre thinking about by answering a few questions. Think about a real or fictional character, and he will try to guess who it is! Thanks to the Akinometer you can evaluate the certainty of Akinator.

    The system relies on two elements: an algorithm that handles the questions and a rich database of over 100 000 people, which enriched itself over the games played. Over the time, Akinator becomes increasingly strong...
    In the new version, you can customize characters (name and picture). Its a new way to impress your friends! You can also share the result on Facebook.
    01-13-2010 10:08 AM