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    I am the developer of the free Tagcrumbs iPhone app. Tagcrumbs is in the same category as Foursquare and Gowalla, but has a focus on places, not on check-ins.

    It is available in the app store since yesterday. I would love to hear your feedback on our app. What do you think about the idea, design, usability, ...?


    Tagcrumbs allows you to share your favorite places with friends: exciting location to swim, dive, surf, climb or fish; famous landmarks, stunning viewpoints, the place of your first kiss or laid-back parks for barbecues and picnics. Of course all your other hangouts like bars and restaurants are welcome too. You can leave digital crumbs (=Tagcrumbs) all around the world, just like Hansel & Gretel did it in the fairy tale.

    Creating a new place is easy: give it a name, add some tags and a photo if you like. Done! All your places get added to your list of places and all your friends can see them in a Twitter-like follower system.

    Top Features:
    - Discover your friends places and see whats nearby
    - Tag your favorite places and share them with friends
    - Add the best places to your favorites
    - Offline Mode: Tag places while abroad without a network connection and upload them later when youre online
    - No Signup required: Sign-up later and upload your places at any time you want
    - Open Platform: You can find all the places you created on tagcrumbs.com, you can use them on your own websites with widgets and you can share them with friends on other devices

    Get the app and more information on the App Store.

    01-13-2010 07:53 AM