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    Hello guys,

    Readdle announces the release of ReaddleDocs 2.0, revolutionary file manager, document reader and attachment viewer for the iPhone. ReaddleDocs 2.0 challenges standards of the iPhone document viewers with incredible new user interface and more than 100 new powerful features. PDF viewer that supports text reflow mode and embedded links, built-in text files editor that also works with source code files, email browser that can access and save email attachments directly from the application are just a few to mention.

    New look and feel of ReaddleDocs 2.0 is superior to any similar product in the App Store. Its carefully designed user interface is attractive, functional and easy to use, all at the same time. That allows to implement desktop class file management operations like sending multiple documents by email and combine several document viewers, web browser, email client within single iPhone application.

    Brand new PDF viewer introduced in ReaddleDocs 2.0 adds two most requested functions: text reflow and working links within the document. Text reflow mode extracts text from the PDF document and fits it into the iPhone screen. It even lets people to change text font size making it easy to read. Full text search, password protected documents, navigation through embedded PDF bookmarks and handling large PDF files are also supported.

    Well known for its attachment saving capability, ReaddleDocs 2.0 brings it to entire new level. Now people can browse their email accounts right from the application and save attachments directly to their iPhones. It's fast, secure and suitable even for sensible business information. More important with ReaddleDocs 2.0 opens email attachments that cannot be read by the iPhone Mail application like password protected PDF files and ZIP archives.

    iTunes link: iTunes Store


    file management:
    01-12-2010 08:37 AM
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    I'm a big fan of ReaddleDocs, but I'd like to keep the old paradigm of files loading into the main folder, instead of a relative folder structure being created automatically.

    Also, I think "New look and feel of ReaddleDocs 2.0 is superior to any similar product in the App Store" is just a tad hyperbolic. Did you paste this from their site? Is this a press release?
    01-13-2010 11:18 AM
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    look like a big change from last version, keep going
    01-14-2010 02:56 AM