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    MiJay (pronounced MEE-jay like deejay) is a music and social networking app now available for FREE in the App Store. MiJay works with the music on your iPhone or iPod Touch, capturing the song and artist each time you play a song. Your friends can view your listening history, preview the song, and buy it through iTunes if they dont own it already. You can view all the music your friends own by song, artist, albums and see their playlists. In addition, you can run a comparison of your iPod to your friends and see the differences between your music collections.

    MiJay for iPhone offers the following features:
    live view of whats playing on your friends iPhone or iPod Touch.
    see your friends iPod, music, albums, artists, genres and songs.
    view your friends listening history.
    compare your iPod to your friends iPods.
    invite new friends using Facebook Connect.
    comment on your friends music.
    download new music.
    post your listening history to your Facebook page.
    preview songs from within the app.

    Download:iTunes Store
    Screenshots:MiJay: Screenshots
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    01-12-2010 08:06 AM