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    Hi, guys!

    This is what we are talking about:
    Relax Hub: 5 in 1 AppBox
    Now Coming out with a Fresh Look!

    App Store

    Why you need it? Think about it:
    What if you can teleport yourself to a whole new atmosphere with birds chirping, kitten purring or brooklet flowing? Im guessing you're one step to the baby-sleep with the ambient sounds. Plus, they work best for blocking the noises outside!

    Wanna spice up your sex life? Then Sex Engine-binaural tone-is prepared just for ya!^^

    Weared out off work? Can't afford a masseuse everyday? Another option: get a nice&easy self-help massage!
    Trust me,never underestimate those pressure points! If these points are stimulated, your body responds by relaxing. Just spare a 10-min coffee break time.
    If you like, swap one with your BF or GF! He/She would love the gentle extra care!^^

    What's even MORE ROCK about this app is its Save-n-Rename Feature where you can save your favorite massage exercises to the Bookmark and give it a name to your own liking.

    Also, to ensure a most relaxing experience, DO TRY the massager inside!

    App Store
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    ** 5 in 1? What 5? **

    1.Relaxing Self Massage-Exclusive in AppStore
    2.Vibrating Massager-4 Vibration intensity levels to choose
    3.Ambient Sounds-Most Popular 50 sounds Build-in
    4.Office Yoga - Designed For Desk Jockey!
    5.Sex Engine - Binaural Beats To Spice Up Your Sex Life!
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