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    First, this only works in Nagivation Apps, where you normally have to tap the back button in the top left corner to go back.

    To do it is very simple, and I'm surprised I haven't seen anything about it. All you do is swipe left on the navigation bar title (make sure to start in the middle). For example, when in the Contacts app, select a contact. Then, swipe to the left on the bar that says "Info", starting in the middle. It will take you back to the list of contacts.

    Another back-gesture to do is when you are in the iPod app. Select a song to play, and it will take you to the screen with the album artwork and iPod controls. If you have lyrics, make sure the controls are HIDDEN, then swipe to the right on the Album artwork. It will take you back to Song list.

    Have back-gesturing
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    01-09-2010 10:55 AM
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    Cool thanks for sharing I didn't know about this
    01-09-2010 12:41 PM
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    Interesting find, although it seems counter intuitive that on Navigation based apps you have to swipe left while in the iPod app you swipe right. It makes much more sense to swipe right since all the UI elements are being swiped to the right as well.
    01-10-2010 02:02 AM
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    Nice. I don't think a lot of people know about this, if there's anyone who even does. Thanks for sharing!
    01-10-2010 05:53 AM
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    You're welcome everybody. Just wanted to share what I had found
    01-12-2010 10:00 PM
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    thanks for sharing i used to use this kind of app on WINCE phone. glad to check it out this time
    01-13-2010 03:03 AM
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    Another gesture discovered: When editing text, touch the text with two fingers at once. It'll automatically select the text between the fingers
    01-30-2010 04:41 PM