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    Announcing dTECT, Facial Recognition and Social Networking for one low price.

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    Price: 1.99
    iTunes Link

    Ever have a hard time taking a self portrait or group photo? Wish you could share those photos and more on your favorite social network? Wonder what something like that would look like? Look no further!

    With dTECT, there is no need to fiddle with outdated buttons or misleading applications that claim to be simple or easy to use. dTECT is truly a hands free, and hassle free camera experience. Simply look into the lens and within seconds dTECT will recognize your facial features and take the picture for you. Now youll never have to manually take pictures ever again!

    Now that you have your picture, I'll bet you want to show it off. dTECT allows you to share any of your saved photos on Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter in a sleek, easy to navigate interface. Did I mention that you can email them too?

    Want to do more than just upload photos? No problem! dTECT is the best way to make Tweets and update your Facebook status on the go.

    So now you've taken your picture and uploaded it to your favorite social network, and you think to yourself, "I love this app, but I wish I could make it more me." I am happy to say that dTECT offers a customizable interface with 32 included themes, and more to come.

    Why waste your money on multiple applications when you can have all of these features, for one low price?

    Now, you're probably thinking, "OMG! I have been waiting for something like this!" Well, the wait is over, why don't you give it a try.

    Facial recognition [6 foot range]
    Upload pictures to Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.
    Email your photos.
    Send Tweets and set your Facebook status.
    Customizable interface.
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