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    Announcing Virgin Mary Candle for iPhone & iPod touch:
    Virgin Mary Candle for iPhone & iPod touch - virtual votive by mopimp productions

    Available on the App Store worldwide:
    January 18, 2010

    Ad-hoc build and/or promo code(s) available upon request. Just follow us on Twitter (see below).

    Virgin Mary Candle for iPhone & iPod touch is the second virtual votive brought to you by mopimp productions. The Virgin Mary, the most popular in app purchase from Jesus Candle for iPhone & iPod touch, will soon be available as a standalone app on the App Store.

    Matt Paul, founder of mopimp productions and developer of the app, explains "the iPhone's in app purchase support provides us with the ability to collect real-world feedback on which virtual goods our users prefer most. This enables us in turn to rapidly respond to consumer tastes by adapting our product line and roadmap accordingly."

    A charming app that appeals to the spiritually devout amongst us and lovers of kitsch alike, Virgin Mary Candle can be called upon to manifest hope for a better tomorrow, to set the mood for reflection, or just for fun! With its realistic flicker & characteristic glow, this beautiful rendition of the iconic Immaculate Heart of Mary brings all the joy that comes from burning a real candle to the palm of your hands in a safe digital format.

    Virgin Mary Candle highlights:

    * realistic flame movement - just like a real candle.
    * characteristic warm glow - just like a real candle.
    * wax burns down over time - just like a real candle.
    * double-tap to refill your candle with more wax - even better than the real thing!
    * candle artwork dynamically back-lit by the flickering flame, pulsating glow and translucent wax.
    * additional candle styles available for in app purchase at the Candle Shop.

    By single-tapping anywhere on the screen, users are taken to a virtual shelf of previously purchased candle styles. On this shelf, users will also find a shortcut to the Candle Shop, where additional styles such as Anima Sola, Jesus Candle & Sacred Heart are available for in app purchase. New purchases will appear on the candle shelf alongside previously purchased styles. New candle styles coming soon...

    WWJD? Collect 'em all!

    Virgin Mary Candle for iPhone & iPod touch is a mopimp production.

    mopimp productions is an independent development studio specializing in the design of applications for mobile devices and the web. In collaboration with our clients, we take a characteristically artisanal approach to bringing visions of "wouldn't it be cool if..." to life. By leveraging our expertise in such realms as real-time social media, augmented reality, and location-based services, we forge new ground in the spirit of disruptive technology. At mopimp productions, we're building apps that promote self-expression for the mobile, social you.

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