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    yes, i know the title is a little bit ... but i'd like all of you to know my app (I know.. i'm not the only one )

    my app is called ContactsPlus and it is an advanced, powerful and completely customizable contact manager (with a coverflow view) It costs $0.99.

    Here are the screen captures :

    here is the link to the itunes Store : link

    here is the full description :

    With Contactsplus for iPhone and iPod touch, in no time you can easily create, organize and delete groups of contacts in your address book.

    View the photos of your contacts directly in the lists with their phone number or email.
    Flip through your contacts photos (All or only Favorites) using CoverFlow.
    Get a reminder on the birthday of your contacts. The application badge shows the count of upcoming birthdays.
    Sort your contacts by more than 10 filters.
    And so much more!


    -Create/Edit/Delete groups of contacts
    -Create/Edit contacts
    -Flip through contact photos using CoverFlow
    -Add/Organize/Remove contacts from your favorites list
    -Define the main phone numbers in your favorites list
    -Contacts are automatically sorted by date of birth, company,profession,first name,last name,middle name,prefix,suffix,nickname,department,city,state, postal code and country
    -Sorting filters cab be organized
    -Display of the photos of the contacts in the "Groups" pages
    -Reminder message on the birthday of your contacts
    -Display of a badge on the icon app to know the count of upcoming birthdays. You can choose the duration.
    -Display of the age of the contacts
    -Display of the number of days remaining before the birthday of the contacts
    -Search for contacts by name, email, company, profession, and phone number
    -Quick call via a simple touch on the contact in the favorites list
    -Set theme (11 colors available)
    -Set photo size (4 sizes available)
    -Set text color (8 colors available)
    -Set text size (8 sizes available)
    -Set text style
    -Show photos of your contacts or not
    -Set text displayed in the lists
    -Set main phone and email displayed
    -Use coverflow (for all contacts or favorites) or not

    I realy hope you'll like it a lot!!! I've worked hard on it.
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