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    nVaderz is an entertainment application for the iPhone. nVaderz is an alien invasion game based on classic alien shooter arcade games where the goal is to kill as many aliens as possible. A large alien mother ship will appear from time to time and drop useful items if you can consecutively kill the alien mother ship several times in a row.

    nVaderz offers several new twists that help to spark new interest in playing this classic arcade style game:

    1. 100 Levels
    2. 4 Difficulty Settings
    3. Power Ups Dropped from Mothership
    4. OpenFeint Gaming Network Integration:
    ** - Leaderboards
    ** - Achievements
    ** - Player Chat and Forums
    ** - Connect with Friends
    5. JoyPad or Accelerometer Movement Control with Sensitivity Control Settings

    Supported Platforms: iPhone & iPod Touch OS 3.1 & higher

    The price for nVaderz is $0.99 and can be downloaded from the iTunes AppStore at iTunes Store or visit nVaderz | Living a mobile life... | Skip Potter

    Help and Support can be obtained from www.pottertech.com

    Screenshot: nVaderz
    01-08-2010 02:32 PM