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    Ant Assault 2.0 has just been released so CHECK IT OUT!

    It's Antageddon on the iPhone!

    Oh No! Ants are running free inside your device trying to steak away the key components.... it's Antageddon on the iPhone!

    Its is time to pick up arms and do battle against the legions of the Ant Queen. You and your finger alone can stop them from realising their ultimate goal (which is largerly unkown). Squashing, flicking, shaking and more these ants can be taken down in any way you see fit. They are really formidable foe, behaving as you'd expect... somewhat chaotically! However don't let this fool you, they know what they're up to and with out your quick judgement they'll get their way.

    Who knows, if you make it far enough you may get the chance to face down the queen herself! So keep your wits about you and think tactically because; one false move, one miss timed finger press, one accidental sneeze and the ants will be all over your components like a... swarn of ants.

    Whats new in version 2.0

    We've listened to our critics and addressed their concerns welcome to the new improved Ant Assault version 2.0! Performance hike; Faster, Better, Stronger! Including:
    • Better response and reaction times to user input.
    • No slow down when ant numbers reach critical.
    • Streamlined models for a much smoother experience.

    Improved Ant AI Behaviour:
    • Realistic movement and reactions to enviroment.
    • More determined and aggressive then ever, posing a bigger threat!
    • Ability to swipe and take out multiple units in one move.

    A Refined Final Boss Encounter that feels like a much beter reward for surviving the five waves. WARNING! Do not shake when in an audience with the Queen... she may get upset... you have been warned!

    And finally, it's a much more compact experience, so it fits snugly in amongst all your other Apps.

    iPhone & iPod touch.
    Language: English


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    Ant Assault the game

    • Multi touch sensitive
    • Makes full use of iPhone & iTouch functionality
    • Alternative game over animation sequences
    • Increasing difficulty during game play.
    • Multiple enemy units (normal ants to larger soilder ants)
    • Collision detection system.
    • Fully interactive tutorial and menu system.
    • Custom sound track.



    Thanks for reading!
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