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    Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that Pigobo released our first app recently (Jan 6th) called 'Maria's Spanish Class', there is also a free 'lite' version available.

    Our Website :

    App store URL:
    iTunes Store


    Maria's Spanish Class is the ultimate educational language app on the iPhone.

    Language Level: Beginner To Intermediate.


    -9 Huge Topics!
    -Multiple Choice Quizzes!
    -Thousands of Written, Audio and Visual Questions!
    -Picture Popper!
    -Drag n' Drop!
    -Fill In The Blanks!
    -Flash card style vocabulary lists!
    -Thousands of phrases and words!
    -Multi Regional Native Speakers!
    -Comprehensive Grammar Notes!
    -High quality Audio!
    -Track your progress!
    -Learn the culture with loads of Spanish and Latin American Facts!
    -Multiple student profiles so the whole family can play!
    -Online Support Forum! Got a question? Just ask Maria! Its like having your own personal teacher!
    -Full version users will get free future updates with additional topics and games!
    -No internet connection required once the app has downloaded! Learn anywhere!

    Maria's Spanish Class has been designed from the ground up by a real native Spanish teacher with years of teaching experience.

    This isn't just another phrasebook, translator or a series of simple mini games tied together with the premise of being a learning aid, but a fully comprehensive Spanish learning tool!

    With Marias Spanish Class you will
    learn to read, write and speak Spanish
    quickly. And whats more, youll have fun
    fun while youre doing it!
    01-08-2010 05:21 AM