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    Do you like to drink?

    Do you like to play drinking games while you're drinking with buddies in pubs or bars? Master this game and defeat your drinking buddies with just a push.
    This is an easy mutiplayer game that you can compete with your friends and.......

    **MAKE 'em down that shot...!!!**

    Enjoy screaming at your friends while flexing your arms magnificently after you have demolished them in a game.

    Then Multiplayer Drinking Game iBeer Challenge 2.0 is the game for you!

    In this $0.99 game, your goal is pure and simple: push that mug of beer as far as you can! The game simulates real physics to put your physical prowess to the test as you battle your friends to determine just who is the true King of Push.

    Game features include:

    -Real physics simulation!
    -Real graphics!
    -Option to slide wine, whiskey, and stout beer!
    -Multiplayer! Compete with your friends to see who is worthy enough to be the King of Push!
    -An attractive virtual scoreboard to always keep track of leaders
    -Feel the damage when you break your glasses.
    -10 configurable distances topping out at more than 7040 mm (23ft) to push your beverage of choice

    This game offers a perfect icebreaker when out meeting new or old friends at your favorite watering hole and offers a highly challenging alternative to traditional bar games that will have you cursing in anger and celebrating in jubilation.
    Try this app out at:
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    Or check out the official website for more information:
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